Ava’s Heart - A Poem by Colin Lowley

Ava’s Heart - A Poem by Colin Lowley

The friends we make, that pedal and brake

That turn two wheels, along roads and hills

With hearts of gold, that leave pain in their wake

For Ava they cycle, with her happiness at stake.


From Cromer they did start, to melt Ava’s heart

Sponsors and Donors with cash they will part

A Coastal road with a breeze from the East

Over hills that will test the strong and the meek.


With beaches as far as the eye can see

A stop and a start, then Norfolk parts

A snake of colours entwined like a flock of birds

Gathered at junctions, a cycle like herd.


My job in my van, was to back up at the rear

A Mars or a banana, alas water not beer“

A puncture, where’s the pump” they all would cheer

Fast cars, overtaking lorries but they have no fear.


Trimingham, Happisburgh, Bastwick, Fleggburgh

To name just a few, but at Reedham Ferry Inn

We stopped and had a beer, a time to renew

With bikes entwined they set foot on the landing craft.


The nameless few with only Ava on their minds

Dis-embarked to the over side, our D-day rewind

Off again as the push goes on

Beccles appears then a well-earned rest.


Up again in the morn, some saddle sore

Parts breaking down, as I open my door

A proud dad Danny leads the way

With Jason back and forth, in his effortless way.


Overheating but steady, to the brow of a hill

Ray can be named for his effort and will

Always at the back with a ship’s engines for a heart

He follows them all, more breath’s does he part.


The others, far too many to name. But they never waned

They went back and forth round country lanes

Day three was much of the same

Then homeward bound to Boreham fame.


We met Ava at the end, a princess on a throne

With her proud family stood by her side

One by one we gave our respect

With hope on what funds to collect

And in Ava’s heart, knew she was not alone.